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Cheetah1 Q&A
Cheetah1 Known Issue
BIOS Version
Cheetah1 ReleaseNote
Serial Port


• Traffic: ANPR, Speeding, Tolling, Red light
• Machine Vision: Industrial MV with HALCON or OpenCV
• Security: Face recognition, People counting


• Intel® ATOM™ CPU inside (E3845@1.91GHz, quad-core, 64-bit)
• 64-bit OS: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Linux (Ubuntu 16.04)
• Global Shutter CCD/CMOS, resolution from 1.6MP to 8.9MP
• HD H.264 1080p@30fps video streaming by hardware encoder
• Support ONVIF, RTSP, TCP/IP, NTP, etc
• Featured API for different applications: ITS, Surveillance, Machine Vision
• Rock-solid system stability, operating temperature from -40°C to +80°C
• Detailed documents and mature SDK for users’ embedded applications
• 3-year warranty


CPU Model Intel® ATOM™ E3845 (named Bay Trail)
CPU Type 64-bit quad-core x86, support SSE4.2
CPU Core Clock 1.91GHz
CPU L2 2M-byte
GPU Support DirectX11, OpenGL3.0, OpenCL1.2
RAM 4G-byte DDR3L-1333 (soldered on board)
Storage 64G-byte eMMC5.1 flash (soldered on board) for OS
Parameter Memory 64K-byte EEPROM, formatting disk has no effect on data stored in it
Look Up Table One programmable 8-bit LUT in FPGA
Encryption Unique chip ID to prevent unauthorized copying of the program but strongly recommend USB dongle way
Temperature Monitoring Embedded temperature sensor for internal temperature monitoring
Watchdog Hardware watch dog (adjustable from 1 to 256 second)
Serial Port 1 RS232 and 1 isolated RS485 for user, and 1 dedicated RS232 for programmer debugging
Digital I/O Port 2 programmable digital IO ports(5V-TTL)
Photocoupler Input 1 photocoupler input port
Photocoupler Output 2 photocoupler output ports (100mA/50V)
Power Sync Power sync function, 100 to 260VAC input (dedicated 2-pin connector)
Iris Control P-Iris control
Switchable Polarizer Eliminate the reflected polarized light from car windshield and number plate to get clear face and number plate pictures
Day-Night Function Get color pictures at daytime, and monochrome pictures at night by IR flash
USB Port 1x USB3.0 port (host), 1.5A@5V
Video Port 1x HDMI
Network Port 1x 100M/1000M RJ45 port with Intel® I210 controller
SD Slot 1x SDXC slot for user
Emulator Interface Dedicate RS232 for programmer debugging by host PC
Remote Update Support Wake on LAN (WoL), remote debugging, program update and power on/off through Ethernet
Power Supply 8-40VDC(12VDC +/- 20% recommended)
Consumption 10W to 15W
Operation Condition -40°C to +80°C, humidity 5%~95% (non-condensing)
Storage Condition -50°C to +100°C
MTBF 350000 hours
Dimensions 66.5×72.8×140mm
Weight 0.8kg
Standards CE


Model Type MP Sensitivit
Shutter Sensor Description Resolution Lens
RSCT113S Color 1.6M 3.0 107 Global Sony IMX273 CMOS, 1/3", 3.45um 1440x1088 C/CS
RSCT113M Mono 1.6M 4.9 107 Global Sony IMX273 CMOS, 1/3", 3.45um 1440x1088 C/CS
RSCT123S Color 2M 3.4 60 Rolling Sony IMX290 CMOS, 1/3", 2.9um 1920x1080 C/CS
RSCT126A Color 2M 3.7 30 Global Sharp RJ31N3AD0DT CCD, 1/1.8", 4.4um 1616x1232 C/CS
RSCT126M Mono 2M 5.5 30 Global Sharp RJ31N4AD0DT CCD, 1/1.8", 4.4um 1616x1232 C/CS
RSCT130S Color 3.2M 3.0 55.6 Global Sony IMX265 CMOS, 1/1.8", 3.45um 2048x1536 C
RSCT130M Mono 3.2M 4.9 55.6 Global Sony IMX265 CMOS, 1/1.8", 3.45um 2048x1536 C
RSCT150S Color 5M 3.0 35.7 Global Sony IMX264 CMOS, 2/3", 3.45um 2448x2048 C
RSCT150M Mono 5M 4.9 35.7 Global Sony IMX264 CMOS, 2/3", 3.45um 2448x2048 C
RSCT160S Color 6.3M 1.1 30 Rolling Sony IMX178LQJ CMOS, 1/1.8", 2.4um 3072x2048 C/CS
RSCT167A Color 6M 4.2 30 Global Sharp RJ3DT3AF0DT CCD, 1", 4.54um 2752x2208 C
RSCT185S Color 8.2M 2.7 25 Global Sharp RJ3DV3AF0DT CCD, 1", 3.88um 3296x2496 C
RSCT180S Color 8.9M 3.0 25 Global Sony IMX267 CMOS, 1", 3.45um 4096x2160 C
RSCT180M Mono 8.9M 4.9 32.2 Global Sony IMX267 CMOS, 1", 3.45um 4096x2160 C
RSCT181S Color 8.9M 3.0 25 Global Sony IMX305 CMOS, 1", 3.45um 4096x2160 C