Cheetah1 Known Issue

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Linux System
1. The CPU usage is about 80 percent when the client connects to the video, which is much higher than Windows.
2. There is a problem with the photos encoded by JPEG soft coding.
3. The customer encountered a snapshot every 30 seconds. After a period of time (starting at 5 pm and after 3 am), no image was uploaded after the snap command was issued.

  • The discovery was caused by killing and restarting the program multiple times in the console. Corrected.

Windows System
1. The customer encountered sometimes the FPGA could not be started (Hong Hao). The performance is: in the device manager, the PCIE device of Cheetah1 is not displayed, or the device is displayed as an unknown device.
2. Watchdog bug: No reboots at the time.

The maximum and minimum of exposure time of the Cheetah1 Series Smart Camera