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  • Q:The CT1 camera was upgraded to version 1.16 and roseek_ct1_fpga x.xx appeared. Repeated power-off and restart, re-program the upgrade, and the firmware still displays xxx.
Update FPGA begin...
FPGAModel(0) -> 0
Hex file size is 7651578, fpga model is 0, they are not match!
File:Camera Information1.png
File:Camera Information2.png
1.The current burning program has a bug, and there is a probability that burning the program fails(but the display is successful);
2.On the mainboard version 1.6, there are a variety of FPGA. When the FPGA fails to boot, it is impossible to determine which model it is, so the default is the smallest model, and it is not successful to burn again.
For other mainboard versions after 1.6, even if the FPGA fails to write, since the correct FPGA model can be read, it is possible to successfully write the FPGA again.
Supplement Instruction:
Re-upgrade a special version, still not working --- It is possible to upgrade back to the previous version 1.15.
Update File:
Connecting the Equipment...
Connecting equipment success!
Verify user information!
User information is successfully authenticated!
Uploading update data file...
Uploading update data file successfully!
Burnning update file...
Update file is burnt successfully!

  • Q:SniperViewer2 username and password are correct, but can not log in(CT1).
Check the CTDemo is turned on in the camera. If not, open the CTDemo in the camera, don't turn it off. Then open the SniperViewer2 to search device connection.
  • Q:Does the device support the watchdog? When called the Roseek_WatchDog_SetMode interface, it returns -1?
The Roseek_WatchDog_SetTimer function must be called before calling the Roseek_WatchDog_SetMode function.
If the Roseek_WatchDog_SetTimer is called, it may be that the value set by timer exceeds the limit.
  • Q:Follow the steps below to call, all the return values are 0, when the time is up, the device does not restart, it feels like the watchdog is not started.
 ret = Roseek_WatchDog_SetTimer(30);
 ret = Roseek_WatchDog_SetMode(CT_MODE_OPEN);
Some models currently have this problem. The updated version can fix this problem.

  • Q:Cheetah1 Linux v1.15, kill the program with Kill when debugging, and then restart the program sometimes encounters no image after the capture signal is sent.
Because of the frequent kill program during debugging, the state of the camera is unstable. It is planned to fix this issue after v1.16.
This problem does not occur in normal operation.

  • Q:Call the function that modifies the parameter, and then return to the state before the modification after restarting.
Need to call the save parameter function Roseek_System_StoreRunParams(); to store.
It will take effect the next time you start it.

  • Q:How do I change the access username and password of the client software?
Can be modified by calling the following function:
 Roseek_System_SetUserAccount(char* szUserName, int nNameSize, char* szPassword, int nPassSize);

  • Q:If you don't want the ROSEEK library management network, how to configure it?
In CTMain.c, find the place to call MainCRoseek_Network_ApplyCurSet and comment it out.

  • Q:Does it support automatic switching between two sets of parameters? (The double shutter)
Call the second set of parameters of the function configuration to achieve automatic switching:
int Roseek_CapturingParameters_SetAlternateExposure(UINT32 IsEnable, UINT32 AnotherExposureTime, float AnotherGain)
You can also manually set the parameters to switch by yourself. Setting parameters is very efficient, so you can achieve the desired results.
Note: H.264 video will be very poor when the double shutters is used, so video cannot be used.

  • Q:Does the RSCT180S Linux camera support 1080P, 25FPS encoding?
After testing, RSCT180S Linux 1080P, 25FPS, H264 encoding has no problem.

  • Q:How to hide the console window
Call Roseek_MainCore_SetLogLevel(0xFFFFFFFF);

  • Q:How much does the Cheetah's SD card support?
Due to the bugs in the Intel chip, the SD card can only support up to 64G.