WoodPecker1 SDK v1.23 ReleaseNote

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Version: V1.23

Release Date:Jun 22,2017

1.New Function & Bug Fix:
1.1 Fixed a bug that CMOS image sensor camera has no image output at trigger mode when setting to single capture.
1.2 Optimized image quality for CMOS image sensor camera.

2.Updating Steps:
2.1 Copy ROSEEK_WPMainSystem_Setup_V1.xx.exe to Camera local and run.
2.2 Update Firmware

Confirm WPDemo or similar program with updating function is running in camera.
Run "RoseekDeviceInformation.exe" from path "SDK\UtilTools\" to check version information for all modules.
Run "RSRemoteUpdateTool.exe" for firmware updating from path "SDK\UtilTools\".

2.3 Update Sourcec Code (for developer)

Replace the Source Code with what in CTDemo folder.
If the user's program is not based on our SourceCode, please just replace the latest libraries, headers and dlls in "bin" folder.

3. Version Info:
Name: roseek_wp1_maincore Version: 1.18 Date: Jun_22_2017 Description: Main core module for wp1
Name: roseek_wp1_fpga Version: 2.50 Date: Aug_20_2016 Description: FPGA module for wp1
Name: roseek_wp1_peripheral Version: 1.04 Date: Apr_07_2017 Description: Peripheral controller module for wp1
Name: roseek_wp1_extension Version: 1.10 Date: Apr_17_2017 Description: Extension controller module for wp1
Name: roseek_wp1_dll_netcmd Version: 1.07 Date: Mar_21_2017 Description: NetCMD module for wp1
Name: roseek_ct1_dll_stream Version: 1.02 Date: Jun_24_2016 Description: Stream module for ct1
Name: roseek_ct1_dll_media Version: 1.06 Date: Jun_02_2017 Description: Media module for ct1
Name: roseek_ct1_dll_osd Version: 1.01 Date: Apr_12_2017 Description: OSD module for ct1

Name: roseek_wp1_fpga Version: 2.51