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Lynx1 Series All-in-one Smart Camera

Lynx1 ReleaseNote


• Red Light Enforcement
• Speed Enforcement
• Bus Lane Enforcement
• Traffic Surveillance
• Intelligent Video Analysis


• All-in-one design with waterproof IP67 rating
• Open x86 system for user’s real-time image analysis algorithm
• Support 3.2MP to 8.9MP global shutter CMOS sensors for grabbing
• Support 1080P rolling shutter CMOS for overview recoding
• Solo/dual cameras for grabbing picture and video stream synchronously
• Solo/dual motorized focusing lens for easy installation
• Long-life LED strobe light for grabbing high-speed vehicles all day
• Wide temperature 4G/LTE and GNSS module (optional)
• AI Accelerator for deep learning (optional)
• Electronic dehumidifying for anti-fog on the glass (optional)
• Support 8-28VDC and PoE+ power supply
• A ready 25m cable with an aviation connector (optional)
• Rugged and compact full metal casing
• Wide operation temperature -40°C to +85°C
• 3-year warranty


CPU Model INTEL®ATOM™ processor E3845, soldered on board
CPU Type 1.91GHz, Quad-core, 64-bit
L2 Cache 2M-Byte
DRAM 4GB (default) or 8GB (optional) DDR3L-1333, soldered onboard
Storage 64GB eMMC5.1 Flash for OS, soldered on board
1x micro-SD card slot for up to 256GB extended storage
Display Port 1x HDMI port for development
Network Port 1x Giga Ethernet with INTEL®I210 controller
USB Port 1x USB 2.0 ports for development
Serial Port 1x RS232, 1x non-isolated RS485
1x dedicated RS232 for debugging
Digital I/O 1x photo-isolated input, 2x photo-isolated outputs
LED Control User can control the motorized focusing lens via Ethernet even after installation on the pole
LED Strobes Constant-current LED drivers with sync to cameras
LED options: NIR (850nm), white (6000K), far-red (740nm), blue(458nm)
Power Sync Power sync to AC main supply
Watchdog Timer 1 to 256 second, setup by software
Temperature Monitor Embedded temperature sensor for mainboard monitor
AI Accelerator (optional) Embedded Intel® Movidius™ MA2450 AI Accelerator for deep learning Algorithm.
ROSEEK provides method for easy development like the Neural Compute Stick
4G/LTE, GNSS(optional) Embedded 4G/LTE and GNSS module
Wi-Fi (optional) Embedded Wi-Fi module with AP mode support
OS(64bit) Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Linux (Ubuntu 16.04)
Compatibility Software is basically compatible with Cheetah1 smart camera
Protocols ONVIF, GB/T28181, GigE, RTSP
Web Server Embedded web server for remote access via web browser
Video Streaming H.264 1080P/30fps color video streaming of the overview camera
Remote Update Support Wake on LAN (WoL), remote debugging, software update and power on/off via Ethernet
Embedded Lens (two options) a) 1" format, 8 MP resolution, fixed F1.4 (non-adjustable),

distortion < -0.5%, IR correction, motorized focusing,
fixed focal length options: 12mm, 20mm, 25mm, 35mm
b) 1/1.8", 8 MP resolution, F1.8, IR correction, Distortion < -10%,
11-40mm motorized zooming, focusing and iris control

Consumption 15W general, 25W max
Power Supply 8-28VDC (24VDC recommended) / 5A max
or PoE+ (802.3at type2, 25.5W) PD power supply
Operation Temperature -40°C to +85°C wild temperature
MTBF 350000 hours
Construction Rugged full metal casing, fanless, IP67 rating
Dimennsions 180×94×250mm
Weight 3.5kg
Regulation CE

Available Part Number

P/N Type Pixel Resolution Max
Shutter Overview
RSLX1-30Sxxx-00ZZ00-xxxxx-xxx-xx Color 3.2M 2048x1536 55.6 IMX265, 1/1.8" Global NA
RSLX1-30Mxxx-00ZZ00-xxxxx-xxx-xx Mono 3.2M 2048x1536 55.6 IMX265, 1/1.8" Global NA
RSLX1-50Sxxx-00ZZ00-xxxxx-xxx-xx Color 5M 2448x2048 35.7 IMX264, 2/3" Global NA
RSLX1-50Mxxx-00ZZ00-xxxxx-xxx-xx Mono 5M 2448x2048 35.7 IMX264, 2/3" Global NA
RSLX1-80Sxxx-00ZZ00-xxxxx-xxx-xx Color 8.9M 4096x2160 25 IMX267, 1" Global NA
RSLX1-80Mxxx-00ZZ00-xxxxx-xxx-xx Mono 8.9M 4096x2160 32.2 IMX267, 1" Global NA
RSLX1-30Sxxx-24SxB4-xxxxx-xxx-xx Color 3.2M 2048x1536 55.6 IMX265, 1/1.8" Global 1080P
RSLX1-30Mxxx-24SxB4-xxxxx-xxx-xx Mono 3.2M 2048x1536 55.6 IMX265, 1/1.8" Global 1080P
RSLX1-50Sxxx-24SxB4-xxxxx-xxx-xx Color 5M 2448x2048 35.7 IMX264, 2/3" Global 1080P
RSLX1-50Mxxx-24SxB4-xxxxx-xxx-xx Mono 5M 2448x2048 35.7 IMX264, 2/3" Global 1080P
RSLX1-80Sxxx-24SxB4-xxxxx-xxx-xx Color 8.9M 4096x2160 25 IMX267, 1" Global 1080P
RSLX1-80Mxxx-24SxB4-xxxxx-xxx-xx Mono 8.9M 4096x2160 32.2 IMX267, 1" Global 1080P