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Kylin3 Series Smart Camera

Kylin3 ReleaseNote
Kylin3 Known Issue


• Traffic: ANPR, Speeding, Tolling, Red light
• Car Park: Face recognition, Human flow


• HISILICON® processor Hi3519V100
• 1G-byte DDR3-1800, 256M-byte FLASH
• Global Shutter CCD/CMOS, resolution from 1.3MP to 8.9MP
• 4K2K@30fps H.265/H.264 video streaming by hardware encoder
• 39 kinds of image processing hardware accelerative algorithms in Image Vision Engine (IVE) module
• Open embedded Linux OS for embedding algorithms, such as ANPR
• Support ONVIF, GB/T28181, RTSP, TCP/IP, NTP protocols
• Rock-solid system stability, operating temperature from -20°C to +80°C
• Detailed documents and mature SDK for users’ embedded applications
• 3-year warranty


CPU Model HISILICON®Hi3519V100
CPU Type ARM®Cortex®A17
Core Clock 1.15GHz
RAM 1G-Byte DDR3-1800
Storage 256M-byte NAND FLASH
Parameter Memory 64K-byte EEPROM
Encryption Unique chip ID to prevent unauthorized copying of the program
Temperature Monitoring Embedded temperature sensor for internal temperature monitoring
Real Time Clock RTC, accurate to millisecond, 0.01 second, second, minute, hour, date and year
Watchdog Hardware watch dog (adjustable from 1 to 256 second)
Serial Port 1 RS232 and 3 RS485 for user, 1 dedicated RS232 for programmer debugging
Digital I/O 2 programmable digital IO ports(5V-TTL)
Photocoupler Output 3 photocoupler output ports (100mA/50V)
Power Sync Power sync function, 100 to 260VAC input (dedicated 2-pin connector)
Iris Control DC-Iris/P-Iris control
Switchable Polarizer Eliminate the reflected polarized light from car windshield and number plate to get clear face and number plate pictures
Day-Night Function Get color pictures at daytime, and monochrome pictures at night by IR flash
USB Port 1x Mini-USB 2.0
Network Port 1x 100M/1000M byte RJ45 port
1x 10M/100M byte RJ45 port
System Recover Short the recover signal to GND, then power on,
and release it after about 10 seconds, the factory program and parameters will be restored
Emulator Interface The RS232/JTAG signals of ARM/DSP are available in the rear panel,
so user can easily connect with RS232 to debug Linux or connect with JTAG port to debug DSP program in TI CCS®IDE software
Update Program ARM and FPGA program can be downloaded via Ethernet.
Also the camera can be restarted via Ethernet commands
Power Supply 8-40VDC(12VDC +/- 20% recommended)
Camera consumption 8W
Operation Condition -20°C to +80°C
Storage Condition -40°C to +100°C
MTBF 350000 hours
Dimensions 72.8×66.5×126.2mm
Weight 0.5kg
Standards CE

Ordering Information

Model Type MP Sensitivity
Shutter Sensor Description Resolution Lens
RSKL313S Color 1.6M 3.0 60 Global Sony IMX273LQR CMOS, 1/2.9", 3.45um 1440x1088 C/CS
RSKL323S Color 2M 3.4 60 Rolling Sony IMX290LQR, 1/3", 2.9um 1920x1080 C/CS
RSKL326A Color 2M 3.7 30 Global Sharp RJ31N3AD0DT CCD, 1/1.8", 4.4um 1616x1232 C/CS
RSKL330S Color 3.2M 3.0 55.6 Global Sony IMX265LQR CMOS, 1/1.8", 3.45um 2048x1536 C
RSKL330M Mono 3.2M 4.9 55.6 Global Sony IMX265LLR CMOS, 1/1.8", 3.45um 2048x1536 C
RSKL350S Color 5M 3.0 35.7 Global Sony IMX264LQR CMOS, 2/3", 3.45um 2448x2048 C
RSKL350M Mono 5M 4.9 35.7 Global Sony IMX264LLR CMOS, 2/3", 3.45um 2448x2048 C
RSKL380S Color 8.9M 3.0 32.2 Global Sony IMX267LQR CMOS, 1", 3.45um 4096x2160 C
RSKL380M Mono 8.9M 4.9 32.2 Global Sony IMX267LLR CMOS, 1", 3.45um 4096x2160 C
RSKL381S Color 8.9M 3.0 32.2 Global Sony IMX305LQR CMOS, 1", 3.45um 4096x2160 C